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Mobility impairment is a reality but it is not a boundary. HandsFree believe in giving every person an equal opportunity to live a limitless life.  We do this through raising funds and donating 3D printers to schools in love income communities that do not have the funds or access to custom prosthetic hands.

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HandsFree at a Glance

To provide cost-free high-quality prosthetic limbs to veterans and children by offering funding to build, and manage distribution channels to recipients, to high schools around the nation.



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Teacher & Student

Furthers STEM curriculum

We enable the school to create a STEM curriculum that teaches students how to 3D print. Once the students are adept at using the 3D printers, we give them the resources and training necessary to use the 3D printers to create 3D-printed prosthetic hands for those born without fingers. Many hands have been created for individuals born without fingers who don’t have access to expensive and complicated medical prosthetics


The foundation aims to create a full circle of service of giving by targeting donations to schools that don’t have the resources to acquire a 3D printer. We have been able to teach students about science, engineering, and 3D printing who previously had never had the exposure or opportunity. We then allow them to give back to others by creating prosthetic devices.

Mentoring Our Future

With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to provide prospective STEM students with the mentoring required. 

HandsFree works with schools with designated representatives who will be in charge of the 3D printing operations and champion the program to mentor and provide students who are interested in the STEM fields with mentoring and guidance.


“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do”



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